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I have been noticing more and more of those damned W04 bumper stickers around. Before the election, nobody seemed to want to state out loud that they were going to vote for that goober. All I saw were Kerry bumper stickers. Believe me, I was looking and seeing what was out there, because it was my own sort of market research. To go by bumper stickers, Kerry was a shoo in.

Now that the fix is results are in, everybody and their dog has a Bush sticker somewhere on their vehicle, be it gas guzzling Hummer or rust bucket piece of shit.

Beats me.
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#1. Posted by Becca on January 17, 2005

I’ve noticed the same damn thing.  Burns me up.

#2. Posted by Julie on January 18, 2005

Not that you really wanted to know (being related and all) but I’ve had the same George W. Bush sticker on my car since 1999…

(Oh, and the car is a non-rusting Nissan.)

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