You people know all the disgusting lyrics that would be applicable. Go sing the damn song yourself.

My boss sent me home early (ha! 4 instead of 5:30) yesterday because the sound of my coughing and sneezing was too disgusting for him. Today I never made it out of bed. It is my annual bout with bronchitis/sinuses/lung disease. I have no idea where I caught it. I have been meticulous about hand washing and avoiding persons with this plague, and as always, took my flu shot. But does it help? No.

Bite me.

On the other hand, I found this.

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#1. Posted by RJ Flamingo on January 12, 2009

Sure, YOU have been meticulous about hand-washing, etc. But you also ride the train everyday to and from work. And you come into contact with about a zillion other people (elevators, passersby on the street, etc.).  What about THEM?

Things to keep in your purse during cold and flu season:  Zicam swabs and a small bottle of antibac hand stuff.

Feel better, sweetie!

#2. Posted by Miss Bliss on January 13, 2009

I have just recently discovered the Neti Pot.  It really helps with the sinus stuff and to minimize the duration of a cold.

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