Bird on the Horizon, Sittin’ on the Fence

Not a fence, but here’s my sweet little female painted bunting, sitting on the hook of the bird feeder. I apologize for the quality of the shot, but I’m shooting through screen. And I could use a longer telephoto. But who’s counting? She’s a shy little thing, and this is the first time she’s come to the main feeder. I was out on the deck with my morning coffee and the Nikon, just in case.


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#1. Posted by RJ Flamingo on April 05, 2009

Wonderful! I’m so glad to hear (and see) that the birds have started to visit you - I knew it was just a matter of time. :-)

Well, here’s the first message I’m typing on my new MacBook Pro.  I’m still getting used to the new layout and trying to figure out how to get my iTunes off my iPhone onto the MacBook rather than wiping out my whole music library, iCal, and contacts list. Hmmm…

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