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This morning we reached an new low in public grooming: the woman on the seat across from me on the train applied her deodorant as I watched. ON THE TRAIN people. Reached her Secret under her shirt and into her pits and scrubbed it on. Then gave me a challenging look, like what the fuck are YOU lookin’ at, bitch?

To which I can only say…well, nothing, really. Just bang my head on my desk repeatedly.

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#1. Posted by Ellyn on May 31, 2008

Thank G-d she didn’t have a can of FDS with her.

#2. Posted by samantha kelley on June 12, 2008

Hi This is the lady who called you the other day with the survey. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed talking with you. Its very rare that I speak with someone who actually enjoys doing a survey. I hope that the next time we call your state that I get to speak with you again. Our conversation was truly great. I went home that night and thought about several points that you had made about the election. You opened my eyes to several things. I just wanted to say Thanks. I love your page. Its fantastic. Again Thank you so much for for being so positive and so willing to talk we don’t get that very often.
                                Samantha Kelley

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