For Those Who Had a Notion

That Sarah Palin is an unmitigated idiot, a Stepford Veep, a fem-bot with her logic chip impaired, this video should dispel all doubts. Compare and contrast, muthafuggers.

I’ll be back later with my Project Runway recap, because, you know, all politics and no play makes me more unbearable than Sarah Palin.

OH. MY. GOD. The Rude Pundit has outdone himself, again. I’m having a shitty day here at my shitty job, and the car I’m trying to sell has to have work before I can sell it, and my husband’s run up a dental bill of about $2000 this last month, and the special snowflake that I work with is up my ass so far that if I grind my teeth any harder, I’m going to shatter one or more, but I read Rude’s essay on what Joe Biden should say about Sarah’s readiness to serve, and I laughed out loud. And felt a little bit better for a minute or two.

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#1. Posted by Third Surrogate on October 02, 2008

Why is she such an idiot?
Why can’t she give any questions a straight answer??
People want this women to help run our country…she and Jo-Jo should come to my camp together, but Jo-Jo has all my permission to kick her in the water and leave her there.

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