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HEY! How did ANTM get back on the air and me not know? Thankfully, I only missed the pre-show episode where the girls are winnowed and we see the mini model boot camp. But still? How did I miss the return of the Genius and Gift that is Miss Tyra?

I’d better put the martini shaker on ice tonight for Wednesday night.

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#1. Posted by Gigi on February 27, 2008

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.  You’re going to be disappointed, I fear.  This season’s crop are even more down-market, dysfunctional and deluded than the last.  Not to mention a little depressing; the girls scream, faint and practically speak in tongues at a mere whiff of the Jays; one girl reveals she is the victim of female circumcision (!) and of course another was chosen by god to dangle by wires in Prada and mumble gibberish flogging lipstick to the masses.  It all just makes one want to read a book.

On the plus side, Tyra is still creating her own wind, so that’s good.  :)

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