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Lord knows that I am the first to point fingers and laugh at the misfortunes of others, but not today. Today I am going to tell you something: I fear for Britney Spears. I have put her on my personal suicide/early death watch.

I saw her performance at the VMAs and it was so pitiful and sad that I could barely laugh at Sara Silverman’s routine. I did laugh, though. Inappropriate or not, cheap shots or not, the woman was funny. But Britney wasn’t funny. Nor was she there. She looked lost. She couldn’t walk in those heels, either because she was somehow impaired (drunk, high, downed out, a and b only, a and c only, all of the above) or because she somehow didn’t practice enough in them. Her movements weren’t the crisp dance movements of just a couple years ago, they were flacid and half-hearted. She didn’t seem to know the routine. Poor thing looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

And while personally, I could just kill for that body (not, you know, actually work out for it though), it wasn’t a body that should have been on display in that costume. Take a tip from her royal highness, Miss Cher, and if you want to expose yourself, do it through sheer mesh and under a shit load of sequins. Nobody will ever notice anything, and you will look Fabulous.

But poor Miss Spears. If, as the tabloids say, she is insecure about herself, this fire storm of “Fatty, Fat, Fat” and “She Can’t Dance” could put her over the edge. She has displayed enough self-destructive habits, displayed enough bad judgement, that one has to wonder (well, this one has to wonder) if she could totally self-destruct. Suicide? Overdose? A simple slip behind the wheel and over the high side of the PCH?

I hope someone gets her help. I doubt it will happen. But I think I’ve finally seen my fill of this particular train wreck. I’ll just turn the page.

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#1. Posted by gigi on September 12, 2007

I missed the performance and only caught a few clips, but the woman is a (somewhat larger) shadow of the girl.  I heard (Perez Hilton; can I just say, am I the only one who finds him tiresome and not particularly witty?) that she was out every night partying ‘til 4, including the night before the performance.  Clearly her heart is not in the game anymore, and she has no idea what else to do.  Mothers, don’t let your babies grow up to be pop tarts.

#2. Posted by susanne on September 13, 2007

I’d love to think that both the headshaving and the performance were some kind of eff you to everyone from the parents who pushed her into being a sex symbol when she was still a child (prancing around in a shorty school girl outfit and singing “hit me”) to the public who expects her to be nothing but hott hott hott. She has enough money. I wish she’d sit back and figure out what she wants to do with herself, but I don’t think anything in her past has equipped her to do that. I fear she’s going to find herself dead by 30.

#3. Posted by terry on September 13, 2007

Even before reading this, I had a conversation with my son this morning in which we took placed bets on the early demise of various young celebrities. Brit was among them, of course. We figure the scenario will go two ways: 1) KFed will get the kids, Brit will go on a binge leading to a fatal DUI or 2) KFed will get the kids, Brit will go into extensive rehab and therapy.

I rather doubt (2) will happen, but if the girl wants to live, she’d better think about it.

We also have bets on Lindsey Lohan and a couple of others. All of them way too young for us to be betting on their demise.

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