I Don’t Want to Be A Code Warrior, Dammit

I hate to write code. I really, really hate to do it. However, in my job, such as it is, I am being forced to learn to write in Cold Fusion. It's a trial by fire, as well. Write a program, test it, send it live, and oh, yeah, do it by month end.

I am a fucking graphic designer. My training and experience allow me to take the visual equivalent of chicken shit and turn it into award-winning chicken salad. My life has not prepared me to write code, despite having been sent to Cold Fusion boot camp to learn to do so.

I hate computers. I hate what they did to my profession. I hate that the bogus class I took in high school (touch typing) has become one of my most valuable skills. I miss having ink-stained fingers. I miss the smell of photo chemicals. I miss the room-sized stat camera. I miss the leisurely deadlines (right). Well, compared to today's work schedule where you can get a hissy-gram from someone because you haven't changed their web page within 15 minutes of them e-mailing you the changes, they WERE leisurely.

Half the people I deal with have never heard my voice or seen my face. I am just an e-mail address.

Did I mention that I hate computers?
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