I’m Sick

With worry. Obsessively clicking on the elector vote predictor. Flipping back and forth from yesterday's report to today's. I'm all over Salon's War Room, constantly refreshing the page to see the newest bulletins.
So tonight I'll go light up the endorphins with Nic Cage and settle in with a bottle and the RLA to watch the returns.

This is killing me.
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#1. Posted by RJ on November 02, 2004

We can’t stand it, either.  Yesterday, MJ went to Blockbuster and rented 5 DVDs so we wouldn’t have to look.

I know what’s going to happen though: We’ll put on a video and 10 minutes into it, I’ll pull out the Powerbook and start looking up returns.

I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it.

#2. Posted by Miss Bliss on November 02, 2004

Luckily I planned to not be home until after 10PM California time today because I knew I would be out of my mind.  Keep breathing my friend and if all else fails there’s always life as Alpaca ranchers in New Zealand. (Just joking…I have faith)!

#3. Posted by Reecie on November 02, 2004

Boy—GO California, GO New York. This is killin’ me.

I hit my polling place at 10 til 6 this am, and there was already a line an hour long—my buddy in Las Cruces stood in line out there even longer than I did here. He said it’s the highest voter turnout NM’s ever had.

Fortunately, his state will likely swing Kerry. Unlike mine. But I’ve done my part—at least when it’s all over, I can say I gave and volunteered and voted.

Fingers are crossed.

#4. Posted by PunkAssBitch on November 03, 2004

I’m one sad PunkAssBitch today.  Unreal…4 more years of this SHIT.  I’ll be quite surprised if they turn out well, but my hope is such a faint glimmer at the moment.

I actually cried…I’ve NEVER been so emotionally wrought over ANY election, EVER.

this just proves to me that the majority of the citizens of the US are complete loons.

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