(Insert Disgusting Nasal Noises)

Well, the fat dirty bastard may not have had a cell phone, but what ever was causing him to make those noises was apparently virulent and airborne, because I’ve been in bed with a stupid sinus infection for the past two days. Went to work on Wednesday and by the time I got home had a throat tickle, and sore lymph nodes and a headache and woke up the next morning with a full-blown sinus problem. Thank Dog for videos and hot toddies. Must go back to sleep.

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#1. Posted by JustJen on December 28, 2007

I wish I’d been as bright as you… I’ve been coughed on and sneezed at since last week, and felt Seriously Crummy when I got home last night.  (Multiple flights will do that, this time of year.  Or so I’m told.)

I went to work today, mostly because I was one of three people who’d actually be in the office today ‘cause everyone else is off.  I can’t say I feel anywhere nearly as badly as you do.  But I certainly don’t feel good.

(p.s.  I can’t help you with pirogi—my non-Jewish-but-German grandmother gave “handful”, “some”, and “until it’s the consistency of cream” as quantities, too.)

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