Janey Don’t You Lose Heart

I spent the weekend in bed. Sounds delightful, but it wasn't. I was propped up with caffiene, pillows and snacks. I had the laptop on my lap and no less than four books on writing PHP code piled up next to me. I only got up to eat and empty.

What I have to show for it, besides a crater at the head of the bed where I was sitting for 36 hours, is a new shell for the EE site. I blew up the first one. By accident. I have ported all my entries from here and the photoblog over to EE and will probably have to do it again with different parameters set so that I don't have to reformat all the line breaks.

The photo entries don't port well at all.

The hack I found for the more jump (the one you just took) doesn't work. But it does show the entended entry... just all in the first window.

The photo gallery page hack may or may not work, since I can't seem to get my photos in it. I need to go back and try to redirect the program to correctly find my photo directory.

I'm beginning to think this might be easier on a (ick) PC than my mac, but that's just too bad for me. It's going to work on the mac or I'll die trying to make it work.

In the meantime, I'll just keep on writing here, because the anticipated switch is going to be a lot slower than I thought. Dammit.
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#1. Posted by RJ on November 06, 2006

You forgot the “Beavis.”

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