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I have an interview tonight at the local book store. I'm so excited at the prospect of working at something that won't drain me emotionally and creatively, and since it's dealing with the great unwashed, will also give me fodder for this blog mill.
The Noble Dog Nails is doing well, and for MJ, who asked, Thor looks just fine. He's a handsome golden with a thick, thick coat. Poor Nails couldn't get through the fur to do any damage.

Our old vet used to say that Jack Russells are suicidal. Just clueless as to size. Nails thinks he's really Godzilla, in a very tiny dog suit.
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#1. Posted by Becca on February 03, 2005

“ a very tiny dog suit.”

Growing up, I had a Rottweiler who masqueraded as a 6-lb Yorkshire Terrier.  ;)

Today I have a 20-lb cockapoo who, thankfully, knows exactly how big (or small!) she is.  She won’t hesitate to snap at a bigger dog who’s all up in her grill, but she’s not nearly as feisty as a Jack Russell, or even a Yorkie.  Maybe the Napoleon complex is a terrier thing?

#2. Posted by Reecie on February 04, 2005

I’m glad Nails is OK.

Let us know how the book store interview goes! I’m excited for you.

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