Me? I WON Something? Me?

Yes. I did. When the RLA and I signed our contract with the new storage company, we also entered to win a home theater sound system. Damn. They called me today to tell me to come get it. You all know how many movies I watch at home (all of them). And the RLA is a total, certifiable audiophile, and the son of another. He's got more speakers hooked up to the tv than I can count, no two pairs alike, and one pair was his father's Acoustic Research from the 60s.

This is just too cool.
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#1. Posted by Cary on January 26, 2006

Congratulations! Up to a year ago I had never won anything other than a cheap paper Batman kite off of a cereal box. Oh wait, and a pair of Bon Jovi tickets when I was in college. Last year though, I won a TV/DVD combo. Probably not the model I would have chosen but hey Free is Free. (And I won’t feel near as bad when Jed finally breaks the DVD player by sticking foreign objects in there….like my credit card which was fun to extract.)

Pick a good loud movie for it’s maiden voyage. :)

#2. Posted by RJ on January 26, 2006

Does that mean “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in surround-sound??????

#3. Posted by RJ on January 26, 2006

...or was that “Willie Wonka”?

#4. Posted by Miz Shoes on January 26, 2006

Charlie. The Johnny Depp (swoon) version. And it looks like it won’t be chicken cashew (chocolate) chili, because the RLA is being a big baby and wants to take himself to a movie tomorrow, rather than cook. Wah. So I’ll be doing something else with the chicken that’s in the fridge.

#5. Posted by RJ on January 27, 2006

Well, Mike is still making the sour cream & onion cornbread…

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