Mean Louise Meme’d Me

And let me say right now, that the results of this are pathetic.

The 123 Rules:

  1) Pick up the book nearest you with at least 123 pages. (No cheating!)

  2) Turn to page 123.

  3) Count the first five sentences.

  4) Post the next three sentences.

  5) Tag five other bloggers.

Here goes:

Blog Design Solutions

On a typical site, you might then assign a template groups to a particular section, or weblog.

Upon install, a blog caled weblog1 is already created for you. It will contain one sample article and three sample categories, and you write your entries using basic entry fields.

So, now I have to tag five other bloggers, huh? OK.

1. RJ

2. Solonor

3. Dancing Brave

4. Miss Bliss

5. R80o

Really. And the best part? Page 123 is actually in the section for which I purchased the book; the chapter on Expression Engine by the delightful and erudite Simon Collison. Whee.

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