Miz Shoes Reviews: Project Runway Season 10, Episode 10

Duquesne Whistle sounds like an old Deutch Gramaphone recording broadcast over radio, complete with pops and whistles, and one has become resigned to it being a permanent ear worm…not that there’s anything wrong with that. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the pop culture terrain, Miss Gunnar Raging Drama Queen was sent home, having been given all the screen time he could manage, even a redemption arc and extended exit scene, bless his little fame whore heart.

Miz Shoes will now attempt a recap from memory with no notes. The judges give this a difficulty rating of ten, there may be accidents, and there is no net.

Field trip! Radio City Music Hall! Rockettes! Heidi in the kick line!! Tim! Bob Fosse!!! Your winning design will go into production, in one of our (road) shows!!!! Boris is smug. He was a ballroom dancer in his youth, he knows from dance costumes. Melissa is just jazzed to be in the building and takes her inspiration from its clamshell-ribbed arched ceilings, its gilding and Art Deco-ness. Predictably, Natasha flails about, but unpredictably gives herself a pep talk rather than spiraling into increased self-inflicted hysteria and psychosis. Perhaps the meds are starting to work. Mini MiCo is staring into space and drawing on his product placement tablet. 

At Mood, the cost of glitter and rhinestones crushes their spirits and dreams. Workroom. We hear about construction issues, and number of pattern pieces, and it is refreshing and interesting. In fact, at least twice MizShoes turned to the RLA (renowned local artist) and said, wow, this is the best episode in seasons. Then we have another Project Runway first that goes unremarked, to wit Tim comes in to the workroom and tells them that they have the night off and that they are getting sent out to dinner at a nice restaurant where there will be alcohol. And EVERYBODY gets a redemption arc. Its episode shouldn’t be called I Get a Kick Out of Fasion, it should be Designers of the Redemption Arc! Natasha apologizes to every one, especially Boris. VennyVenny 2 by 4 claims to have always been the baby of his extended family and younger than every one in his business and a loner and so that’s why he has no discernable emotions or social skills. There are toasts and protestations of love eternal and pinky swears to stay sweet forever.

The next day, when Tim comes for walkies, he realizes that they are all screwed. Of course Tim Gunn  doesn’t say it quite like that, he tells Flavio to make that matte silver sequin fabric his bitch. Or maybe to slap that bitch. It was quite alarming. Perhaps Tim has started taking meds. Sanjay is clueless. Natasha is working with cobalt blue and silver and making a high-school marching drum line costume. VV2X4 is working with an aqua mesh that looks like the stuff they sell in art supply stores for armatures. It looks like a slip. Boris is creating a diagonal midnight blue, one sleeve, side cutouts, skirt with bead fringe. Melissa has a million pattern parts, and color blocking in magenta and black. Mini MiCo is doing the NYC skyline. Tim decides that everybody needs more cowbell, so back they go to Mood. Except for Flavio, VV2X4 and Boris, who all want to work on their hand stitching. At Mood, the glow from last night is still working its magic, and Mini MiCo gives Natasha money, and everyone helps each other and it’s one big love fest and lots more sparkly stuff is purchased.

To no avail, however, as Sanjay makes a Rockette costume for Miss Piggy, although nobody recoginzes that. Flavio has made a Rockette version of Gladiator vs the Tin Man, which somehow works. VV2X4 makes a Rockette version of Grace Kelly, in aqua and with nary an ornament or detail to be seen. Melissa has gone back to her particular well of flat front boat neck with no visible means of support, but her color blocking has been discovered to read as a great number 1 on the front of the costume. She’s working the cigarette girl aspect with her styling. Boris’s costume fits like a second skin while not being cheesy or vulgar, the black beading on the navy sequins is gorgeous, and the beaded fringe skirt moves on its own. Huge wow factor. And then there is Mini MiCo, who has made the skyline of Manhattan and a sleek little skirt. Frankly, MizShoes thinks the skirt is a stiff nothing compared to Boris’s self-propelled fringe, but that top cannot be denied.

The guest judge is Debra Messing in a pair of red heels from which Miz Shoes could not tear her eyes. Flavio is safe and flees to the green room. The winner is Mini MiCo, and his costume really is one of the best answers to one of the best, if not the best, challenge in Project Runway history. Memorable, anyway, in the way that Andre’s gutter water dress was, or Laura Bennet’s grey evening dress with the chartreuse ombré-beading. Boris is denied again, but if not for lack of excellence, and one wishes there could have been two winners. Alas, such is not the case. Melissa’s giant number 1 and cigarette girl styling let her stay. Sanjay’s purple chicken butt tap pants are barely enough, but back to the safety of the green room she goes.

Ven and Natasha remain. Natasha made a hideous blue Las Vegas cheerleader costume, but Ven bored NinaGarcia, and was so sure of himself that he didn’t take the second chance to go to Mood. A little trim would have gone a long way toward saving him, but in the end, it is Natasha who stays, and Ven who gets the aufsie daisey. Next week, the remaining designers must create for Heidi’s children’s line.

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