MizShoes Reviews: Project Runway Season 8 Finale

And with that winner, Project Runway has not only jumped the shark, they have kissed, petted and humped the shark. Wearable? Really, NinaGarcia, that was the best you could say about that sad, monkeyshit brown mess? I quit Tyra, and I can quit you, too.

When you, NinaGarcia, said that the object of this competition is to sell clothes, you gave it away. Project Runway has sold its soul to the devil of mediocrity and the free market proletariat. To make money for the masters and not excite the souls of the rarified aesthetes? After tossing around the word aesthetic all season like a ping pong ball at a tournament in China?

MKors, you are better than that. You cannot in this or any other world make me believe that you responded well to that shiny black leather coat worn open over the mildew-stained granny panties. Or the intentional hat-hair.

Who would have ever guessed that poor, tragically-styled Jessica Simpson would have been the voice of reason, sanity and fucking taste? Please read that sentence over again and recognize to what depths this show has sunk, dragging the loyal viewers along. But no more. MizShoes quits.

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#1. Posted by Surrogate 3 on October 30, 2010


#2. Posted by Elise on October 31, 2010

Sing it, sister. Agreed on all points but one: MK is not better than that.

I, too, am done.

#3. Posted by Moi;) on October 31, 2010

Moi;) too. 

Humped is Right.  But no, MK is NOT better than that.  In actuality, he is the devil’s spawn.

#4. Posted by langslow on October 31, 2010

Michael designed the dress the tragically-styled Jessica was wearing. Enough said.

#5. Posted by Cousin Steve on November 01, 2010

OK.  You know that I am not the final authority on what is and is not tasteful.  BUT!  I do know when a designer (artist, whatever) has a particular style and works it.  IMO, and it’s not so humble at this point, the only true collection came in third place.  That is probably because he was not the most hated or controversial “designer” left.  Even so, considering what I have seen recently, I would rate even the worst of the finalists (whoever that really is) far above the judges for their opinions of what is and isn’t tasteful and stylish.  I watched Rocky Horror yesterday and felt the costumes in that were far superior to what we have seen in recent competitions from the “designers”.  Color me done.

#6. Posted by Jennifer June on November 09, 2010


#7. Posted by Elise on November 26, 2010

Are you watching Iman’s show?

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