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There's blue, and then there's something else. I'm so down, it can't be the blues, it has to be something deeper. Indigo? Ultramarine? That funny crayon that nobody ever wanted to use: Prussian Blue?
Whatever. I'm in one of those funks that even therapy shopping can't help. Of course, it's hard to therapy shop when even a box of colored pens is equal to a whole day's (as opposed to an hour's) wages.

Nevertheless, it hasn't stopped me. I went on a mini-spree over at Think Geek this morning.

Tell me that this isn't one of the funniest things you've seen in ages. I think that it's right up there with the old Godzilla fire wire hub.


Tonight is the big season premiere of Queer Eye, and they are making over the Boston Red Sox. Anything that shows Johnny Damon is a good thing, excess facial hair notwithstanding.

I'm off to mall world, sweetiedarlings, wish me well in the world of acquisitions.
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#1. Posted by RJ on June 07, 2005

Laugh if you want, but I gavethat Godzilla Firewire Hub to a former boss for Christmas one year.  I thought it was hysterical; he thought it was a hoot.  Although, he is a FORMER boss…. I never made the connection.

Don’t take that as a hint that I want one of those Tiki drives, though….. :-)

#2. Posted by Nancelah on June 09, 2005

Johnny Damon.  With or without “excess facial hair”.  Yummy!  Kevin Millar’s not too shabby, either.

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