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Dammit. I wasn’t going to watch the Inaugural concert on HBO. Too much hype. Too much everything. I even slept through my wake up call from Star, telling me that Springsteen was opening the show. But I got up anyway, and I’m watching from the sofa, fuzzy slippers on, and swathed in my fuzzy bathrobe. I’ve endured a ton of “great” musicians doing heart-felt, but less than magnificent songs. And then came U2. Fuck that Bono. He was the only one to dare. He called this a dream come true for not just America, but for Ireland. For Europe. For Africa. For Israel. And (deep breath, judges the mood of the crowd) for Palestinians. And then sang the most political of the songs.

And here’s our new president, calling out the challenges that we face. If only we could name names, and say that this is all the fault of that rat bastard, George W. Bush and his evil overlord, Dick Cheney.

I am so inspired by Mr.Obama. What an orator. This is a new Camelot. A call to service, a call to unity and a call to reclaim our country from the venality of the past eight years.

Damn it. Maybe it’s my cold, and stress, but I have a feeling that I’m going to be crying a lot over the next few days.

Oh great. Pete Seeger, his grandson, Bruce, and some school glee club and we are all singing “This Land is Your Land”. Do we get my favorite verse? The one about on the other side of the sign, it didn’t say nothing… Oh my fucking god. We do. That side was made for you and me. Dammit. Crying again. And so is Pete.

You know what?  After all these years, I think we won. And by we, I mean the liberals and activists of the 60s.

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#1. Posted by Elise on January 19, 2009

He’s the only politician—ever, in my whole life—who has inspired me and given me genuine hope.

I’m crying a lot this week, too. I feel like a total goober doing it, but I can’t help it. It’s good to feel hopeful again.

#2. Posted by MM on January 19, 2009

This. Is. THE. Most. Auspicious. Of Moments I have ever Seen. I’m talking so many converging moments of honor in history. I’m talking so very much in crisis in so many places. I’m talking the euphoria that seems to be evident AROUND the world. What do you think it all portends? I have hope. I will be vigilant. For tomorrow, I will be so filled with joy that smiles and tears will be pushed forth at any given moment because one can’t possibly contain all that joyousness. Let it Flow. Let it Shine!

And then perhaps, Bush/cheney thugs can become/bemade accountable for the high crimes and felonies perpetrated during their regime.

Your right, Mz Shoes. I do believe we have won. And while it has been truly brutal on so many levels with the Bush gang, I’m wondering if that is what helped make this possible? Its a confluence…

Whatever… its time to celebrate!

#3. Posted by TNGEO on January 26, 2009

Yes, we won.

But so did everyone else, even though most of them don’t get it yet. They may never. But they won anyway.

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