Roll Down the Window

What the fuck is wrong with me? I had two and a half martinis last night at Star's house, along with some yummy latkes and apple pie and I went from loquacious drunk to laying on the bathroom floor to puking out the car window all the way home... in five minutes flat.

On two and a half martinis?!

What is wrong with me? Is it age? Is it her brand of vodka? Is it my liver, finally saying enough is enough?
The last time I tried to keep up with Star, much less Star and her sister, I ended up in a 16-hour power nap. I blamed it on drinking margaritas in the blistering sun on Sarasota beach, but I may have to rethink the drinking with Star.

I just wish I knew what happened. Oh, I mean, I know what happened. I drank too much and had to answer for my bad judgement. But how it happened? How did I go from jolly buzz to sick como un perro in a (literal) heartbeat? If I'd been in a bar, I would have sworn I was dosed. But since I was among family and friends, I just have to sack up and admit that I simply couldn't hold my martinis.

Woof. I remember telling the RLA on the drive home "you've never seen me like this." He was worried that I was going to make a habit out of it. To tell you the truth, the last time I was sick like that was 30 years ago, before I learned that gin and I are not friends. In fact, gin and I don't even like to be at the same parties.
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#1. Posted by gigi on December 18, 2006

Oh, why must everyone be so quick to blame the martinis?  There was clearly something in that apple pie.

#2. Posted by Brette on December 19, 2006

Blame the rum cake.

#3. Posted by Miss Bliss on December 19, 2006

um…well how BIG are her martini glasses?  Because you know if they require both your hands to pick up they just might be a teensy bit larger than the average martini glass ya know…LOL. 

Hope you are recovered and back in find form.

#4. Posted by Oceanguy on December 20, 2006

Over 30 years ago I had a run in with martinis… in a glass Pepsi Bottle….  For 20 years I couldn’t eat olives, and to this day the smell of Gin makes me heave…  As a young man tending bar, one spill of gin on my hands would make me queasy all night long…

Gin is EVIL, I feel your pain

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