Running Down A Dream

This morning, campaign workers were handing out post cards, advertising for a candidate for Circuit Court Judge. I have documented time and time again on this site that the average commuter in Miami is a pig. This morning we had a large-scale example of the lack of civility in Miami. Pretty damn near everyone took one of the cards. Yours truly merely smiled and said no thank you. So why do I have one of these cards sitting on my desk? Because of this:


and this: Note the cards piling up on the leading edge of the escalator:


and finally, this:


Here’s the e-mail I sent to the candidate:

Thanks a lot. You made an impact today. I, for one, will not vote for a candidate who approves this sort of waste and creates the kind of mess I saw at Dadeland South. At every stop between there and Government Center, I saw piles of litter caused by your workers and the general ill-manners of the train-riding populace. People dropped those slick little postcards right on the escalator, potentially creating hazards for those following behind and possibly damaging the machinery, thereby causing additional waste in the form of repairs to county equipment. Furthermore, I will be blogging this, complete with the photos I’ve attached.

What a waste. What a mess.

And here’s his response:

Thank you for making me aware of this situation.

Publicity in judicial campaigns is very circumscribed by legal strictures. My campaign workers had the best intentions to hand out campaign palm cards to familiarize potential voters and did not anticipate the mess this would create. I regret the inconvenience this caused you and other members of the public and will instruct my campaign to refrain handing out cards at the rail stations. I have also asked them to go back and pick up this stuff as best they can, although they were not the people who did this.

While palm cards are a traditional method of campaigning, you are very correct in your anger about the waste and litter in this situation. The only other thing I ask you beside accepting my apology, is not to come to a conclusion about whom I am based on one unfortunate instance, about which I had no prior knowledge. I have whole lifetime of service to this community and your conclusion as to whom I am should not be based on one incident.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

Uh, maybe. But A) he isn’t familiar with what his campaign is doing in his name B) he tells me he has a lifetime of service, but doesn’t list a single example of which he is proud C) He had to stick that caveat about his people will try to clean up, but they were not responsible ... well, indirectly they were, since they were the source of the litter to begin with. D) On the other hand, he’s a public corruption prosecutor, which sort of warms the cockles of my hard little heart.

In other transportation news, the SmartCar has arrived and I plan on picking it up on Saturday. And last night, I saw this in the Publix parking lot. The owner was a sour old thing, and didn’t even smile at me when I told him he had a sweet, sweet ride. Dude, seriously, if you are going to drive around in this thing, you better get used to the gear heads drooling and making nice at you.


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#1. Posted by Elise on July 29, 2008

You? Got? A? Smart? Car?

I am pea green with envy. If I could afford one, I’d be all over it. Unfortunately, I have to have the truck to even GET to the dog ranch (the road isn’t paved, and we’re at over 8000 feet, so the weather is crazy), so that would mean paying for and maintaining two cars again, and I just can’t go there. It was so painful selling the Z.

But I LUV the leetle SmartCars; not just for the MPG, either.

Which one/what color did you get?

Oooooooo, I’m so envious!

#2. Posted by The May Queen on July 29, 2008

You hardcore rock, Miz!!

#3. Posted by Paul on July 29, 2008

Hi Miz,
It’s been a while since I’ve been over here factchecking, but everything looks fine. Except, your link to me now sends your readers to a 19 year old porn fancier. My new woman friend implored me to change the address from Singleman…you know what I mean by “implored.”

#4. Posted by Cousin Steve on July 30, 2008

Perhaps a similar commentary should be directed to the likes of McDonald’s or Burger King, regarding the wholesale of the urban environment.  Maybe they’d like to make a major contribution to some city sanitation departments.  LOL.  BTW, your dad would have also loved the LaSalle.

#5. Posted by Cousin Steve on July 30, 2008

That’s wholesale trashing!

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