The Endeavor Begins

Having gotten Tante Leah's Handmades on the web, and having printed up some business cards, today I went to the store where I buy all my high-end silks, and asked to put up a sample and my cards.

The proprietor said yes. Now all I have to do is hope that the commissions start to roll in.

In the meantime, the two I have in hand are sitting on my sewing table. Tomorrow I plan to start cutting and sewing.

I'm excited. This could be the start of something big. It is certainly the start of something new. I've always wanted to be "just an artist" and not a corporate hack, and I'm stepping out on that path.

Wish me luck.
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#1. Posted by Becca on April 11, 2005

OK, just got a chance to check out Tante Leah’s Handmades—already looked at RLA’s stuff, and I love it—but girl, I really love your quilts!  I like the tallitsim, too, but I’m not Jewish, so…  Do you still make quilts to order, too?  Or do you have any that are for sale?

#2. Posted by Miz Shoes on April 11, 2005

Yep. I do make them to order. About $25. a square foot.  And I have a couple that need to be quilted, and then they’ll be for sale. Keep your eyes on Tante Leah’s Handmades, and also on Urban Elements, which will be the storefront location for what I do with my sistergirlpartner. Hint: that site will include her quilts and also jewelry.

#3. Posted by Becca on April 12, 2005

Awesome. I will definitely keep an eye on the websites.  Gorgeous stuff, sweetie!

#4. Posted by Reecie on April 12, 2005

Truly beautiful stuff. I’ve told you before how much I envy your talents!

#5. Posted by phaTTboi on April 12, 2005

Glad to see you taking a flier on yourself, Miz Shoes. Whether the commissions roll in or not, doing something you’ve wanted to do for a while has a way of feeding your soul that nothing else does, and more so if the soul in question belongs to an artist.

I have no idea what the market for tallis might be, but I know quilters who do pretty well (because they market as creatively as they quilt), amongst many others who effectively make minimum wage, yet continue to quilt because they like to do it.

Through these acquaintances, I have a couple of Double Wedding Band quilts I really like. I don’t know why I like them, but the DWB (or DWR) pattern is just very soothing to me, and since I see you have other Wedding Quilts, I wonder if you’ve ever looked into doing a DWB. I think it is a pattern that shows off good fabric and craftsmanship very well, as in its simplicity and grace, there is nothing to distract the eye.

#6. Posted by Miss Bliss on April 12, 2005

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! It’s about time!  Your work is absolutely beautiful!  You never know what might be around the corner until you get brave enought to simply put your energy into going there.  Here’s to a brave new adventure filled with joy and excitment. 


#7. Posted by oceanguy on April 14, 2005

The Tallitot are beautiful..  Is there a standard size?  Do you tie the tzit tzit?  Also priced by the sqft?

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