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I spent the day with the RLA yesterday, and most of it went along these lines: I'd watch him doing something and think, hmmm, that would make a great entry for my blog... if I wanted a divorce.
No, really. I mean, we're walking the dogs in the dead of night, and first one dog pees, then the other dog pees, and then the RLA takes a piss in the trees.

Just marking his territory, he says. But. We live in the suburbs, for chrissakes. With lights and stuff. And people driving by. Granted, not at eleven at night, and we were in a particularly dark part of the street, but just the same, I have to ask you: Does your man piss on trees to mark his territory?

For whatever it's worth, the dogs in the neighborhood seem to respect it, because the really big dogs do not poop on our lawn over by that particular tree, so maybe he has a point. But. It's the twenty-first century. We are (allegedly) civilized people. Pissing in the bushes?

On another note, living with two dogs of such disparate breeds is like having my own private Westminster Show on a daily basis. There is the noble dog Nails, a Jack Russell Terrier, not AKC, but Jack Russell Terrier Club of America registered, which means he's from before the AKC accepted and standardized the breed. He is a dog's dog. He barks at squirrels. He chases things. He is (for a Jack) Very Well Behaved. He goes for a swim in the pool after every walk. (His choice, by the way. He does doggies laps, too. He jumps off the steps and swims in 4-foot circles, then goes back to the steps and sits down, like a little old man at the hotel pool.) He plays with gravity by pushing balls off the couch, or into the pool so he can chase them. He will watch the ball floating in the pool and wait until it gets close to the edge, then paw it in to within mouth distance. You can watch him calculate the time it will take to float to him. If he doesn't like the distance, he will bark at me or the RLA to push the ball closer to him. For a dog, the animal is a genius.

And now we have Miss JoJo. She's a flopsy puppy. She never barks, except when Nails is barking at another dog, and then she'll add her two cents, and stop. Nails will bark until the other dog has passed beyond his sight.

JoJo is a digger. I have gopher holes all over the yard, now. She chews on all the toys that Nails disdained. She loves her Frisbee, where Nails is afraid of them. She digs. All. The. Time. She never makes any noise. If she needs to go out, she pokes me with her nose.

Watching them play together yesterday was a hoot. Nails is clever, stealthy and plots ahead. JoJo is a gonif, and will wait until Nails is distracted, and then steal his toys. Nails, knowing that JoJo doesn't go in the pool, kept dropping his ball in the pool to keep it away from her. Then he'd pull it out, and tease her with it.

There should be a groove in the pool deck by now, from the number of laps they ran around it. Fist JoJo in the lead with Nails' toy, and then Nails playing keep away with her.

This is why I got a puppy. I laughed until my cheeks hurt.
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#1. Posted by MM on January 09, 2005

Sounds like the resident RLA would have survived the tsunami due to his affininty with nature. Very few, if any animals died…cuz THEY were paying attention to the cues of nature. Sounds like he knows that he, too, is an animal—albeit, one with a brain and a paintbrush. We humans, so caught up with living in the 21st century, and having spent the better part of 500 or more years legitimizing the fact that WE are separate from the natural world and its effects, are now flatfooted imbeciles who’d rather buy it than make it…then throw it away and buy another bigger, better one. People who remember we are animals are much more fun and interesting than those who don’t.  Sister Lu pees on the wild dog pathes when they come too close to her house—she being a cat lover with 7. Don’t know if it works entirely cuz she has lost 3 to dogs over the last 20 years, but that’s not bad.  And if you really want to get serious about keeping critters away, you can even buy lion urine through the mail…that would do the job for sure. I’m with the RLA on this one.
Now for the poopies!  I LOVE poopies!  Post more pics!

#2. Posted by Cary on January 10, 2005

I hate to admit that my husband has been known to go out on the front porch to pee before going to bed INSTEAD of walking to the bathroom! Granted we live out in the country, even away from the road but still…

His mom never figured out why there were dead spots in her yard near the backporch from years ago when he lived at home.

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