Thor By A TKO

I was sitting in the living room, just about to launch into a bout of sock knitting, when I heard the shouts from outside.

I then heard a neighbor screaming at the RLA to come get the Noble Dog Nails. This neighbor owns (or lives with, depending on your thoughts about companion animals vs. pets) TNDN's arch-enemy, his mortal nemesis, the Evil Golden Retriever Thor.

Let me say right now that Thor is a lovely dog, with a handsome face and a beautiful thick coat. I like Goldens in general, and except for the fact that he hates my dog, I like Thor in particular.

Tonight, as the RLA took the trash to the street, our neighbor was walking Thor and his other dog. TNDN was loose in our fenced yard. He saw Thor coming and began barking and racing along the fence.

And then he found that the RLA hadn't yet locked the gate. That little 15-pound Jack Russell bulled open a driveway gate in a chain-link fence and went to attack Thor. Except Thor, who nates Nails as much as Nails hates him, was faster and bigger.

The RLA managed to pull Nails out of Thor's jaws, just as I was pounding out the front door in my bunny slippers. We got him inside, checked him out, and we took him to the doggy ER.

Many several puncture wounds and a scratched cornea later, this is what the Noble Dog Nails looks like.



For the record? The Noble Dog Nails was asking for a rematch.

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#1. Posted by Dorothy on January 31, 2005

I do hope your beautiful dog is feeling better!!

Lil’s (fat) little dog Susie just came to mind.  Do you remember her?

#2. Posted by Becca on February 01, 2005

Oh my goodness, Mr. Nails—what a scrappy little dog you are!  I like scrappy, and I’m glad that you’re doing okay.  But do take care of yourself in the future, punkin’!  You’re too pretty to be fighting.  :)

#3. Posted by RJ on February 01, 2005

MJ just asked how the “other guy (Thor)” looked…

#4. Posted by dan on February 02, 2005

little dogs - big ‘tude.  It’s never the rotties and dobies that give my 100lb cosmo the evil eye, it’s the tibetan terriers and jack russels.  well, there’s that big husky too, but they fight wolves.  On the plus side, you got to him quick and it sounds like he’s got the moxie for a complete recovery.  Now, about that invisible fencing….

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