Ugly Fashion Trends

Things I've seen lately and wished I hadn't:

A woman wearing her coat backwards during the recent cold snap. This one confused me alot. Did she think she'd stay warmer with the opening in the back? Did she think it was faster to put it on that way? Could she have seriously thought it was cute?

Young men wearing those super low-riders, and having to continually pluck at their crotches to pull them up. Or not. Maybe they just like to pluck at their crotches. What's the point of a fashion that you have to fuss over constantly? It'd be like having a manicure that never dried, that you needed to retouch every 15 minutes.

Women wearing acrylics on their big toe nails, and those nails long, really long, and sharp. Do they sleep alone? Do they rip their sheets with those talons? How does that work with a closed-toe shoe? Again, is there really a popular dementia that this is attractive?

Hats that are too small, and positioned askew on the top of the wearer's head. This is particularly a baseball cap phenom.

To paraphrase Ozzie, "Ugly, ugly, fucking ugly."
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