Watching the Defectives

You know how much I love, love, love watching women on the train perform their morning rituals… moisturizing, plucking stray eyebrow hairs, applying foundation. Hell, applying their entire make-up routine in the middle of a public space… a crowded, un-hygienic space. But today I saw a woman, a young woman do something truly horrific: she shaved her mustache. To be more accurate, she didn’t shave. Nor did she pluck. She used a pair of scissors to cut the hair on her upper lip down to skin level. I suppose that would be considered trimming her mustache. Either way. It was a WOMAN. TRIMMING HER MUSTACHE IN PUBLIC!

There. I hope she’s happy. Not only did she scar me for life with this performance, but she also caused me to post in all caps. And bold. Gah. The humanity.

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#1. Posted by Smithy on February 03, 2009

have had migraine to end all migraines today—now tolerating light. I checked your blog and now I have “Watching the Detectives” stuck in my head.


Also, I secretly fear that I will be that person. So I don’t carry any personal grooming accoutrements with me. I love tweezers.

#2. Posted by brette on February 04, 2009

my sensibilities are so, so offended. That’s worse than people sending me e-mails and documents in comic sans.

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