Why I Love My Boss part 89231

Here's yesterday's thoughts from my boss:

Why aren’t any Democrats raising this issue:

OK. So the White House says it is the height of injustice and racism to launch kneejerk attacks on the Dubai Ports deal because Dubai has been such a useful instrument in the so-called War on Terror.

Keeping in mind that this is a STATE-owned company, what assurances can Mr. High Crimes & Never-Been-Briefed offer that the government of the nation state of Dubai will always be a government pre-disposed to cooperate with the United States? It wasn’t too long ago, for example, that Iran was a sea of pro-U.S. tranquility/stability/oil in the Mideast and Lebanon was the “Switzerland of the Mideast.” But I think those descriptions, in the words of the Nixon White House, might no longer be operative. Can you imagine what a fix we’d be in if Nixon had sold a half-dozen U.S. ports to the Shah of Iran in 1972? Two generations ago, Yemen was a conservative pro-Western mini-state. Then it became one of the most radical regimes in the world. Now it is struggling to regain its footing and rejoin with the Western World. Libya is pointed to with great pride by the boosh neo-cons as proof of the success of their war of aggression on an Islamo-fascism that is partly of their own making. But who’s to say the Qadaffi will not fall victim next month or next year to a young, radical firebrand of a colonel … somebody exactly like the M. Qadaffi of 35 years ago. Things change. All over. Particularly in such a volatile region of the world as Jim Baker’s Mideast.

So maybe Dubai is the United States’ greatest, strongest, most reliable ally in the world today. In that part of the world, that’s zero guarantee that tomorrow that state couldn’t be the second coming of the Taliban.

And, of by the way, our great and good and cooperative friend Yemen just recently stood by and allowed several dozen Al Qaeda operatives to escape from a local prison. Sure makes me feel good about turning our port security over to a country who’s greatest claim to fame is that Michael Jackson has decamped there.
In other news, I have found a reason to love Richard Gere, something I never thought I would say in my lifetime. But the quotes that have been circulating after his acceptance of the Hasty Pudding Award, have finally won me over. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

"I'm asking why I said yes to this," Gere said of the student roast. "'Cause we're all bozos on the bus. All of us, and especially in this world and in this country right now, the biggest bozo on the bus is actually driving the bus."

The emphasis is mine. But who would have ever thought that the man who is the Dalai Lama's BFF would be quoting Firesign Theater. I may just have to swoon a little here over that.

Finally, to round out my reasons to live today, tonight we get to see the great and glorious Tim Gunn visit the finalists of Project Runway in their natural habitats. Maybe, though, natural isn't a word to use with that useless asshat Santino... And as if that isn't enough to keep me on the couch tonight, it is also the ANTM "Where Are They and What the Fuck Are They Doing Now" show, prior to next week's season 6 opener.

Fuzzy bathrobe, bunny slippers and a jug o' plonk and I am good for the night.
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#1. Posted by TNGEO on March 01, 2006


#2. Posted by RJ on March 01, 2006

Oh, Baby, Oh Baby…..  I am so taking a chocolate shower and snuggling up in my brand new SoBe Wine and Food Festival T-shirt and kitty slippers tonight!

#3. Posted by dan on March 01, 2006

I never hated dick gere so much.  maybe because he always seemed like such an easy, but easy-going, target.

as for selling our ports to a nation that goes renegade on us, that’s an easy one: we freeze their assets, repossess their ports, and it’s free money for us.  What are they gonna do, come over here and stop us? 

My latest post is about this port flap.  I’m so sick of learning that the incompetence of this administration is even greater than I’d imagined.

#4. Posted by Miz Shoes on March 01, 2006

TNGEO: Plonk is a lovely bit of Brit slang (by way of Australia) that means cheap wine, usually red.

RJ: Don’t even go there, rubbing it in about the trip to the Hershey spa and getting to meet Anthony Bourdain.

Dan: it’s not that I hated Gere, I was merely indifferent to his charms. And I love your site’s new look. Verra nice, indeed.

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