Why Is This Night Different?

Because tonight I'll have a seder for three, instead of the usual three tables. No kids. No widows and orphans, no lost souls swimming in a fish bowl.

Just me, the RLA and Star. Instead of a whole leg of lamb, studded with garlic cloves, a standing rib roast.

Instead of three types of charoset, just one. OK, two, but does it count as a separate dish if you only use a single apple?

I made Sephardic eggs, a whole dozen of them, but instead of hiding one so it can be my lunch tomorrow, there will be a bowl of left overs, and I'll be bored of them before they're finished.

Sigh. Passover, and particularly the seder, is my favorite Jewish holiday, but this year seems so pitiful with only three adults.

On the other hand (what, you thought I wouldn't be able to find another point of view?) we'll be able to put down some GOOD kosher wine, and in quantity, we'll still be able to play with the box o' plagues, and nobody will complain that the service is running long, because it won't and my brother in law won't show up late and make everyone crabby and hungrier.

In fact, we'll probably be done in time to settle on the couch with a slice of Star's most amazing sponge cake and a cup of coffee and ridicule the hamsters on ANTM.
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#1. Posted by Nancelah on April 12, 2006

Sometime in the near future let’s get together for a chilled glass of Baron Herzog Chardonnay.  In the meantime, Chag V’kasher Sameach to you and your wonderful husband.  Keep May 21st open for Judith’s graduation party.  Details to follow.  Nancy

#2. Posted by TNGEO on April 12, 2006

Please suggest a “good” kosher wine.

#3. Posted by dan on April 12, 2006

party on exodus woman!  sounds like you’ve got all the key ingredients, and sometimes a little change-up in the guest list can make the familiar more interesting.  Enjoy the feast, and if you are interested, I’ve just finished another edition of my hagadah - 50 pages and it makes for fine hamster bedding too

#4. Posted by Miss Bliss on April 13, 2006


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