Apr 25th, 2003

A Win for Civility

Today I struck a blow for civility and I'm proud of the results. As usual, I was on the train. As usual a woman sat down across from me and began the ritual of making up a face. She took out her eyelash crimper and started on her left eye. I took out my trusty digital Nikon and pointed it at her. She looked up and glared daggers at me. I blandly continued to zoom in on her at eye level. She flung herself sideways in her seat and huddled down, now working on her right eye in a cramped little ball with her back to me.

At the next stop, she got up, flung another dirty look at me and flounced off to another seat, far away from me and facing in the opposite direction.

Despite the fact that my battery was low and I was unable to get the shot to add to my hall of shame I was pleased with the results of my attempted photograph.

My only regret is that despite the hateful looks, the woman didn't say anything to me about my trying to get a photo. I practiced my most polite and proper response, and never got the chance to use it. So here is what I WOULD have said:

'Madam, that which you are attempting to do in public, you should be doing in private. If you do not wish to be observed or your acts to be documented, I suggest you carry out your morning ablutions in the privacy of your own home, and not on public transit."