Feb 1st, 2010

Hazy Davey He Got Really Hurt

So much for my weekend. I had planned to launch MildBurningSymptoms (finally), since the RLA had photographed a ton of vintage clothes. Instead, I woke up Sunday with a cold. This on top of a long week of intestinal issues. I tested negative for H-Pilori, which means not an ulcer, but a prescription for something that’s stronger than OTC Prilosec. Still on the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. If it has no taste or color, I’m allowed to eat it. I went back to bed. Today, I finally got to see the dermatologist to have a biopsy on the tiny white bumps under my eyes that the facialist refuses to touch. While she was poking my face with anesthetics, she removed the thing on my lip that’s been living there for years, since it appeared after I bit my lip one day. Crusty eye, crusty lip, I came back home and went back to bed.