Dec 12th, 2007

If He Gets Hit By Lightning

According to the vet, that’s the only way I’ll lose Ming this time around. The diagnosis is pancreatitis, and the body’s response to it is anorexia… which no matter what affects me, I cannot develop, and lord knows I’ve tried. So. Ming gets to go to the day spa (aka the vet’s office) for feeding and observation, and I get to take the five-hour emotional exhaustion nap. But the little fuzz ball is back home for the night, complaining as only a Siamese can complain, and as far as I’m concerned, that makes everything all right in this world.

It is also the finale of this season’s America’s Next Top Model. Since Binaca is out of the running, and Salacious D isn’t such a hobag, it won’t be ANT Skankho. It won’t be anyone memorable, either, but this is what we expect. Surrogate Daughters 1 & 3 are coming over for the fun, so the RLA is going to have to run for cover, or at least testosterone, because the squealling and trash talking is going to be formidable.

And so another episode of let’s freak out Miz Shoes and make her smoke like a chimney has come to an end. Thank you.