Jun 30th, 2009

I’m Too Sexy For the Web

OK. I’ve grudgingly joined the 21st century. I now twitter. I own more domain names than I need. I have an i-phone…with video, so I could, if I chose, make a video of the Noble Dog Nails on his raft in the pool, or of him assaulting the pool noodles. I could then post it on YouTube. I’m on LinkedIn. I’m planning on getting a webcam so that I can Skype.

Today, I am going to chain myself to the dining room table and I’m not leaving until I have the PayPal cart integrated with the Fox-ee cart and all the pieces are working to make Mild Burning Symptoms go live. That’s my challenge to myself. I have a fresh pot of coffee, the i-phone is jacked into the laptop, and I am going to twitter the whole damn thing.

Feel free to follow along, kibbitz, advise, laugh or what ever. Gah.