May 16th, 2009

Keep On Swimming

The RLA and I have been in the Casita des Zapatos for 16 years. The pool was already in need of refinishing when we moved in, but the RLA has been diligent in his pool boy duties, and we have kept the pool intact far longer than any pool has a right to expect the marcite to last. But a couple of years ago, when the condos were being built across the street, the pounding and digging and all caused the pool to get a few cracks, and the builder promised to refinish it for us, but instead split with his profits to South America. So this winter, the RLA and I had to face the grim reality of refinishing the pool. I photo documented the whole thing, although I wasn’t fast enough to grab a shot of the Rasta Brothers pouring muriatic acid on the walls. The foaming electric green sluice was amazing.

Here is the pool, as it was, and if you look closely, you can see the holes in the marcite.


The next morning, the pool was drained. And the holes in the marcite are easier to spot. (Base of the steps, for one)

drained steps holes

Another day, and we have a shot of the undercoating, the waiting Diamond Brite, and the rubble that was the rotten marcite that the Rasta Brothers removed from the pool walls.

rubble and diamond brite

You can see how uneven the surface is here…how much of the old coating was pulled off.

waiting to be resurfaced

The next morning, the Brite Coat has been applied and cured overnight and the muriatic acid wash is scheduled for later in the morning.

waiting for acid

The main drain hadn’t worked since Hurricane Andrew, when gravel and muck filled the pool. The previous owners hadn’t fixed it, and we didn’t bother. But with the pool empty, now was the time to flush the pipes.

clearing the main drain

Filling it up again. The color of the water is the most amazing jade green. I kept telling the RLA that this was going to be the color of the pool from now on. He got a little pannicky that he’d never be able to tell if we were growing algae again.

filling jade green

Only kidding. Once the chemicals were added, and the water shocked, the pool became a lovely turquoise. We’re ready for the summer.

beautiful and done