Jun 1st, 2007

Many Things Remind Me of Many Things

The other night, the RLA*, the ADS** and I were walking our dogs, and one thing led to another and we ended up talking about tv cowboys and their horses.

Roy Rogers rode Trigger. Dale Evans rode Buttermilk. Buttermilk was a palomino, and so was Trigger. Except I couldn’t remember what Trigger looked like. I could only remember Buttermilk.

The Lone Ranger rode Silver, who was a white horse, or since it was old black and white tv, maybe a light dapple grey. Tonto rode Scout, and Scout was… a pinto? An appaloosa?

Fury was black. Bret Maverick rode a black horse, but did the horse have a name? Bat Masterson only rode in stagecoaches, that I can recall.

The boys on the Ponderosa? Can’t remember any of their horses, although I watched the show every Sunday night. Did one of them ride a buckskin? Did Little Joe ride a paint?

In other odds and ends, I just bought a new domain name. Reecie, of the Mild, Mild West let her domain expire, and in double checking to be sure it really did, the following phrase popped up as a related search “mild burning symptoms”. How that relates to Mild, Mild West is something only a computer knows. But it cracked me up. So much so that I am now the proud owner of mild

What do you think the content of that site should be? A wiki of Paris Hilton bashing? The place I write the stuff that’s too rude for here?***

Just a page that asks the question “what the fuck are you looking for here?”

I don’t know. I only know that it makes me laugh. Mild Burning Symptoms. Schnort. I have a whole line of t-shirts planned to go along with the “I’d Rather Be Widowed” shirt, and they are all rather snarky, so maybe this should be the name of my clothing line?

What else? I have nothing planned for the weekend, but my toe is good enough to stand on, so maybe it will be a long two days of sewing. Purses for the etsy shop. A couple of dresses for moi. Design and upload the art for the rest of my t-shirts.

A long, and productive weekend. What a concept.

* The Renowned Local Artist

** The Artist Down the Street

*** Is there such a thing?