Oct 19th, 2013

Miz Shoes Reviews, Sorta

Well, it is way too late in the season to begin recapping Sons of Anarchy, but Miz Shoes has to say this about the last episode: Adam Arkin.

Halfway through the opening sequence, I turned to the RLA and said, who is directing this espisode? This is beautiful. At the end of scene, I stood up and applauded. The writing was beautiful, but of course, but the acting and the directing in this espisode were stellar. Again, bravo and golf claps and some serious respect to the director. I have always loved watching any of the Arkin clan at work in front of the camera, but this just blew me off the sofa.

In other news, today is the RLA’s birthday, and I am baking him a red velvet cake and making a promise to him: I will try to stop playing with wool in the house. Until I move into the free-standing studio, I will content myself with non-alergen-filled projects like beading and hand sewing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do or do not, there is no try.