Mar 25th, 2011

Second Hand Rose

There is another person I often see on my morning commute with an inimitable sense of style. He is deft with a pair of scissors, and almost everything he wears, he has altered. He is fashion-forward, as they would say on Project Runway. Michael Kors would say that there is a clear sense of who this designer is, although he might not be able to figure out who “the girl” is to whom this is geared.

I took a few photos surreptitiously. He has these head scarves in a variety of materials. One morning I watched as he made one.


And here are his high-top sneakers, carefully crafted into very on-trend gladiators.


The leather jacket has been cut away and its closures replaced by self-fabric (or leather) ties.


Another day on public transit, and another life story that I’ll never know.