Sep 3rd, 2008

She’s The One

I am transfixed by the Stepford Veep and her unwed, pregnant teenage daughter. It’s a train wreck that I can’t stop myself from watching, and of course, commenting on. Cynically commenting upon. And for all the people telling us that the pregnant daughter is a non-issue, to me, it is very much an issue, and only because she represents the failure of one of Palin’s firmest beliefs: that sex education should be abstinence education and no other method or mention of birth control should be addressed. That’s the sex ed Bristol had, and in the words of the LOL cat: Irony? She haz it.

So now, despite historic interviews and position papers and every other damned thing, we, the voting public are asked to accept that there was choice and free will involved in both Sarah and Bristol’s decisions to keep their babies: Sarah’s late-life Down Syndrome Trig, and the TBD spawn of the underage and unwed teen. The lack of logic in the arguments presented would give my old logic professor (Howard Pospesel) apoplectic convulsions.

A. I do not believe in choice (regarding abortion), to the point where, if my under-age daughter were raped, I would demand she carry the child full term.

B. My child is pregnant.

C. She had a choice, and made the decision to keep her baby and marry the father.

If I remember Dr. Pospesel’s class correctly, this is a fallacious argument, because point A states that there IS no choice. Therefore, point C can only be to carry the child. Unless they are saying that the choice portion was the intent to wed.

And just for good measure, the age of consent in Alaska is 16, which means that there is no cause to charge the baby daddy (who is over 18) with statutory rape.

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