Dec 6th, 2007

Stray Cat Strut


He’s not a stray, he’s Ming the Merciless and he’s 14 years old. He is my beloved little Siamese and three days ago he stopped eating. He’s throwing up. He’s lost weight. He hasn’t pooped in two days. I’m waiting for the vet to call and tell me why. They wouldn’t let me stay with him, I had to drop the little fuzzball off. I’m crazy with apprehension. I just know that despite my watchful eye and care to close the door to my sewing room/studio, that Ming has gotten in there and eaten thread. I just know that he has an intestinal blockage and will require surgery, if that can even save him. I’m fretful and stressed and waiting for the phone to ring.

Think good thoughts, and help me get my shtinky puddin home safe and healthy.

UPDATE: Yes, it’s an intestinal blockage. No, he isn’t in mortal danger. We’re bringing him home overnight and he’ll go back in the morning, and most likely have surgery. Thank you for the good thoughts.

DEC. 9 UPDATE: He had surgery yesterday. The good news is that there wasn’t a tumor, scar tissue or a lump of thread. The bad news is that there was no reason for him to have had that blockage. The good news is I have the best vet in the world. The bad news is that he doesn’t know why Ming got sick, or if this will have gotten his intestines moving again. They just stopped. Lack of motility. The thing that has scarred me forever is that prior to the surgery, they gave Ming an enema. Now all of you cat lovers out there know how nigh onto impossible it is to give a cat a pill. The very thought of going in through the other end of the cat has me hiding under the bed in terror. One friend suggested that perhaps they knock the cat out first, but I don’t know if even that would help. Four paws full of claws, even clipped ones and an angry head full of teeth at the other end? I just can’t imagine the process, and every time I try to think about it, my mind skitters away like a droplet of water on a hot frying pan.