Jan 13th, 2003

The Political Vacuum

There was an interesting poll in the Miami Herald over the weekend. It seems that almost 70% of Americans have no wish to engage in a war with Iraq. Here's a sample quote from the article.

The informed public is considerably less hawkish about war with Iraq than the public as a whole. Those who show themselves to be most knowledgeable about the Iraq situation are significantly less likely to support military action, either to remove Saddam from power or to disarm Iraq.

Granted, it's been a few years since my high school Americanism vs Communism class, but I seem to recall that elected officials are supposed to govern in accordance with the wishes of those being governed. The other way, in which those at the top do what ever they want, is called a dictatorship, or rule by despot. Revolutions are fought to bring an end to those regimes. Or a war against a certain oil-rich nation in the Middle East.

Here's a thought: if the public doesn't want war, and the public doesn't think that the administration has made a good case for war, and the non-partisan UN team of investigators isn't so sure that there's hidden weapons, then why is our "President" steaming ahead with his toy soldiers. Wasn't this man "elected" on the basis of having no foreign agenda, or even reasonable knowledge? So if he was admittedly clueless going in, a mere two years ago, why should the American people believe that he's capable of reason today?

In other news, a headline straight out of a book from my childhood "The Mouse That Roared" it now appears that if we give Korea more fuel (ooh, oil again, and what business is half the current administration in?) they will stop playing with their nuclear reactors. And when did Korea develop all this nuclear potential? Why, during the reign of Bush the First, and Ronald Reagan.

Does this surprise you? No, me either.