Jan 13th, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

So much for photodocumenting my weekend output. So much for blogging regularly. I have to say that it is so much harder to blog when one’s actual job requires actual work. Not to say I miss the old pointy haired boss, because that would not be true. I just miss sitting around on the company dime, working on my personal blog. Which I am doing right now.

My little cat, Ming the Merciless, is terminal. We are doing hospice. By we, of course, I mean the RLA and myself. We let him eat what ever he wants. We carry him around outside for fresh air. I’ve been giving him sub-Q fluids twice a day to keep him hydrated. I take him in the shower room and run the water as hot as it gets, with Kiss Your Face cold and flu soap on a sponge until the room fills with steam, and Ming and I sit there and have a vaporizer session. He’s allowed to sleep with me under the covers.

He’s just a little guy, and every day with us is a good day. I’m in no hurry to send him off to the other side of the rainbow bridge. When the time comes, we’ll all know.

Of course, there is some trepidation over this in my own superstitious heart. My old cat developed leukemia at the same time as my father, and I had to put him down (the cat) a month before my dad passed away. Now Ming has a neurological problem and has gone blind in one eye and is living day to day. My mother is blind in one eye and living day by day with end-stage Alzheimer’s. You see where I’m going with this, I’m sure.

Anyway, the boss has entered the building. Time to work for the man. Photos later, I promise.