Jan 4th, 2006

Why I Love My Boss

I referred to the POTUS today as Du(m)bya (the m is silent) and my boss got very upset. Don't call him that, he said, it is a term used by his fans. You may call him the boy idiot, or the war criminal, or the shrub, or bubble boy, or... well he went on in that vein for a while, and then he summed up his opinion of our imperial majesty.

It was extemporaneous and brilliant. I had him write it down for me, and I give it to you.
As President, George Bush is ...

  • ... more out of touch with real Americans than his father

  • ... more guilty of launching illegal, covert, foreign acts than Ronald Reagan

  • ... more insular and paranoid than Richard Nixon; more destructive of basic constitutional liberties than Richard Nixon

  • ... more silent in the face of the hate-filled, demonization of political opponents than Eisenhower

  • ... more incompetent than Herbert Hoover

  • ... more beholden to Big Business than Calvin Coolidge

  • ... more corrupt than Warren Harding

  • ... more boneheaded than William Howard Taft

  • ... more stiffnecked and rigidly Conservative to the overall degradation of the common good than William McKinley

  • In short, he is the worst Republican President of the past 100 years and, quite likely, the worst President in the history of the United States (with apologies to Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan).