Jan 14th, 2009

Wrapped Up Like A Dooce

Yeah, like that Dooce.

What a sad day for fans, today. First Patrick McGoohan and then KHAN!!!!!! (I’ll see you in HELL, Kirk!) That’s actually the only thing I was ever able to stomach ole Ricardo M. in. But he was fierce in the movie version, with his manscaped (and I think latex-enhanced) pecs, and his Tina Turner hair.


But the Prisoner was epic. I used to get nightmares from Rover when I was a kid and used to watch it.


The RLA and I own the series on DVD and have promised ourselves to vacation in The Village before we die. An Italianate folly in Wales. How random is that? An Italianate folly cum artist colony no less.


The cold remained a cold, and didn’t settle into bronchitis, which is a major win for me. I swear by the trinity that is Cold-Eeze, Zicam and the netti pot. And also the hot toddy. Lemon juice, honey, a couple of fingers of brandy and water to fill a glass. Heat and drink. And pass out under a pile of heavy blankets. Works like a charm.