Jul 2nd, 2004

The Three Little Pigs of War

This is what was driving through the hospital campus today while I was at lunch.

You can't see the writing on the side, so I'll include the literature they were handing out of the head pig.
"The largest pig shows the financial cost ($200 billion)1 of America's attack on Iraq, including the projected minimum cost of reconstruction.

The smaller pig illustrates the annual federal spending on K-12 education ($34 billion)2.

The wee little pig shows annual federal spending on reducing world hunger and poverty ($10 billion).3

For the same amount of money that we're spending on the war in Iraq, we could:
  • provide Head Start for all elibible kids,
  • provide Healthcare for all uninsured kids,
  • build 2,500 new elementary schools, and
  • reduce grades 1-3 class size to 15 students

    for the next 5 years.

    1) Eric Schmitt and Robert Pear, New York Times, Feb. 3, 2004. Also see Congressional Budget Office, "Estimated Costs of a Potential Conflict with Iraq," September 2002.
    2) U.S. Budget, FY 2004
    3) U.S. Budget, FY 2004

    For more information, visit www.TrueMajority.org/pigs"

    And just think, this was going to be a post about the lousy customer service offered up by Circuit City.