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Do the Victory Dance

I did it. The Tante Leah pages are all up. The links all work. The categories work. The Photoblog is working.


A dip in the pool, and a little sewing.

And lots, lots, lots more photos in the Tante Leah section and the Photoblog.

Tonight? Martinis all around.


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She Moves Up, She Moves Back

In this case, and believe me, I am as sick of these entries about the trials and tribulations of code writing as you all are, I have achieved a small break through in the photo pages, i.e.: the formatting is displaying more or less correctly, and the categories are right, even though the photos themselves don’t actually display… yet…but now I’ve lost the customization of my technorati tag cloud.

I’m sick of this code war. I’m sick of not sewing.

The RLA is facing losing his two classes this semester because the full-time faculty’s classes didn’t fill, so they have the right to usurp his. Of course, his classes fill because they are advertised as being his classes, and students line up to study under him. Duh. That’s why his classes are full and the full-timers aren’t.

I went to visit my mother this weekend, and she was…not alert, to say the least. But the aides laughed and told me that she’s a good eater, and she’s gaining a little weight.

At work, there is a storm on the horizon and change in the air, and none of it is good.

But tomorrow? Tomorrow is another day, and Star and the Surrogate Daughters and I are going to go to a Marlins game after work. They are playing (in the miserable cement heat sink of Dolphins’ Stadium) the Atlanta Braves. It is one of those amusing quirks of baseball that no matter how deep in the cellar the Fish are, nor how high in the standings the Braves are, that more times than not, the Marlins will beat the Braves. And that, gentle readers, is Why I Love Baseball.

The comments work. The links work. The search works. The archives work. Every entry has at least one category assigned to it. Whew. That was a lot of code and cigarettes, but it’s all up and running.

Now for the next part: the static pages, where I’ll put all Tante Leah’s Handmades, at least those which are part of the portfolio and already sold. This means going back into the Expression Engine dark forest. I’ll be searching for clues and pre-written code. I’ll be reading every page ever written about Expression Engine (all ten of them). I’ll be going back and forth between print outs of code that looks like it should work and the pages I’ve built from that code that don’t work. I’ll be editing code and I’ll be tearing my hair out. I’ll be cursing and testing and testing and cursing. And cursing and drinking and smoking and testing. It’s not really live, but you can take a peek at the first couple of pages by clicking on the link over there on your right. (Tante Leah’s Handmades)

And then, when that’s all working, it’ll be on to the re-imagined Cafe Press shop. I have t-shirts ready, and photos to go on notebooks, and all of that.

And then, it’ll be time to open the studio door and start sewing.

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The Long & Winding Road

To my blog.

I did something to something at some time on Saturday and blew up my site. A mere $15 and desperate e-mail to tech support later, and my site is back…to where it was a week ago before I got the comments working right.


But here I am, back on the dining room table, banging out code and loving it. Sort of like loving getting tattoos. You know? When you’re done, it’s a beautiful thing and you forget the pain. Sort of. Until you get the urge to do it again.

On another, yet just as typical note, the wonderful Paul Gallo of the house of Gallofornia was here visiting over the weekend. Yesterday, I skipped work and the master made a muslin for me. Yesh! I have my own, personal, hand-made original Gallo fitting muslin. I can’t wait to get into the sewing room with that bad boy and some of the yummy nummy knits I’ve been buying lately from Gorgeous Things and Emma One-Sock.

But enough about joy, it’s back to code and pain. Oh. Yeah. Pain. By request, the Number Two Surrogate Daughter’s finished tat:

oxytocin molecule. note the sulfide bridge.

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It’s Getting Better Every Day

Well, gentle readers. The headlines now link correctly to the perma-links for each entry.

The comments link to comments and allow you to enter same.

The categories link to categories.

And here are a couple of shots from yesterday’s excursion to Altered States:

oxytocin molecule

Number two daughter’s new tat.

And my new gloriosa lily, at just over life size. It’s on my left wrist.gloriosa lily

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Pulling Mussels From the Shell

Well, more like pulling hen’s teeth. I have taken several days off of code writing since getting this back on line. Now I have to tweak and tease and make it pretty. Add some non-breaking spaces here and there. Get more links to work, because I don’t know about you, but I’m already tired of looking at my Dread 404 error page.

This weekend I have to go to Stuart, retrieve the Number 2 Surrogate Daughter from her summer of indentured servitude and bring her back to Miami. As a reward for packing up my parents’ home, and in addition to her pay, I’m taking her to my favorite tattoo parlor for some ink work. She’s getting a molecule, and I’m thinking about a wrist piece featuring this flower.

Star knows this and in fact is coming along for the ride. Whether I can talk her into some ink is unlikely. Unlikely like me voting Republican kind of unlikely, which is to say when ice skating is Hell’s favorite sport.

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How Sweet It Is

Well, sweetiedarlings, was it worth the wait? There are still a number of elements that I haven’t gotten working smoothly, yet, specifically, my photo blog is still down, and comments can be a little wonky*, but here it is.

The new site, on a new server, using a new CMS. I only had to call tech support once, and if I’d been keeping a notebook of all the things I’d tried that failed (which I started doing after talking to tech support) I wouldn’t have had to call. It was a matter of variables, and I thought I’d tried every possible string, but I hadn’t. Once I started keeping notes, things went a little faster.

Anyway, the extended link isn’t up and working, so for now, all entries will be in the main window, but still and all. People, I have been pounding code since I crawled out of bed from the bronchial infection. I’ve been sitting at my keyboard from the moment I get home until I get to bed, and that time has been pushed back to 2 a.m. and beyond on the weekends. Tonight, the RLA and I went to the grocery store after work, bought something to eat, and then it was on to the code war.

And at 11:19 p.m. on July 30, 2007, I moved all the files, reset the path and sent this bad puppy out into the interwebs.

Did you miss me while I was gone?

* Hint for the comments. Try clicking on the title of the entry. Now that the main push is over, I can fine tune the code. Any help is welcome.

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I Hate Code & Code Hates Me

It’s not like I’m not trying. And it’s not like I haven’t been saving and notating and blah blah blah. For hours and hours and hours on end. Till 2 in the morning. Before breakfast. After work. But still, this new site isn’t pulling from its data base. Isn’t dynamic. Isn’t worth the pixels its printed on.

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The Silicon Chip Inside Her Head

I was at the laptop on Saturday, gearing up to scan in another dozen or so vintage knitting patterns, and maybe a few vintage sewing patterns to populate the old Etsy shop, when, much to my surprise and chagrin, my laptop put itself into deep sleep. And it Wouldn’t Wake Up. I shook it, gently: “Wakey, wakey, computer.” I pressed the reset key. I held the power key down. I struck any number of key combinations. I plugged and unplugged various peripherals. I inserted a cd…or at least attempted to. I pulled the power. I shut the power on and off, attempting to pulse the laptop back to life in an electronic version of electroshock therapy. All of which accomplished exactly nil.

In despair, I did the only thing left to me: I took my precious in to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store. And the geniuses concluded that my laptop was asleep and wouldn’t wake up and they had no clue why, either. All of which is to say that my laptop is still down the street and I am going through major computer/blog/gossip/e-mail withdrawal.

So. On another topic, entirely, I offered a couple of old programming books on the local Freecycle group. They were a couple of years old, but ColdFusion hasn’t changed much. A data base slurper is a data base slurper and PHP is PHP. Right?

I got an e-mail response from another freecycler that went like this:

I can’t believe you have text books for a subject which all reasonable and respectable scientists have dismissed as impossible. Are they really teaching this somewhere?

It took a while, but I responded: HA! Good one. You had me going there for a minute. ColdFusion is a programming language, as I’m sure you know.


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Janey Don’t You Lose Heart

I spent the weekend in bed. Sounds delightful, but it wasn't. I was propped up with caffiene, pillows and snacks. I had the laptop on my lap and no less than four books on writing PHP code piled up next to me. I only got up to eat and empty.

What I have to show for it, besides a crater at the head of the bed where I was sitting for 36 hours, is a new shell for the EE site. I blew up the first one. By accident. I have ported all my entries from here and the photoblog over to EE and will probably have to do it again with different parameters set so that I don't have to reformat all the line breaks.

The photo entries don't port well at all.

The hack I found for the more jump (the one you just took) doesn't work. But it does show the entended entry... just all in the first window.

The photo gallery page hack may or may not work, since I can't seem to get my photos in it. I need to go back and try to redirect the program to correctly find my photo directory.

I'm beginning to think this might be easier on a (ick) PC than my mac, but that's just too bad for me. It's going to work on the mac or I'll die trying to make it work.

In the meantime, I'll just keep on writing here, because the anticipated switch is going to be a lot slower than I thought. Dammit.
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Dazed & Confused for So Long

I know that I said I was going to flip the switch over to Expression Engine, and really, I did install it and tried to customize it and everything, and really, the spam comments are driving me crazy on this platform, but Jeezus H. Christ, that is one tough program. Completely unintuitive, as far as I can tell. No manual to speak of, no third party books at all, at least not that I can find on Amazon.

Sure they have forums and tech support, but I'm a hands on kind of girl, and this is just blowing my circuits all to hell.

So. Anybody out there an EE guru who wants to have some long, meaningful e-mail exchanges with me this weekend, as I try to make the switch once and for all?
I have said it before, peoples, and I will say it again.

I AM the Geek Goddess. Bow down to my mad skillz.

I fixed the POS Dell before the guys from IT ever got their lazy asses up to my office. Can you say "just needed a new cable?"

I thought you could. Excuse me, but I now have work to do and the means to do it.

By the way, I finished another three quilt tops this week, and am sending out four to my sistergirl for quilting. Stay tuned, because by Halloween, I expect to have the sales area of this site open.
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Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

So. My office pc has been off-line since mid-day Friday. Repeated calls to the help desk have gone unanswered. I am only able to get to my office e-mail by virtue of this little e-mac crammed into a spare corner of my work cubicle going through the exchange server.

My boss isn't getting any external e-mail, because it's all bottle-necking in the spam filter. He isn't getting any service from the help desk, either.

My personal e-mail seems to be stuck in some back alley of the internets, and isn't opening either.

The only comments I'm getting on this blog are spam.

I am a very unhappy camper today.
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Be Here Now

Technorati Profile

In my never-ending attempts to keep current with technology I have:

1. installed a new stereo in my car that has both mp3 capabilities and a direct i-pod input
2. registered this blog with Technorati, which frankly, I thought I had done years ago
3. registered with something or other that lets me figure out my place in the blogospheric ecosystem

That is all.

For now. You know there will be Project Runway and ANTM reviews come morning. And can I just say now how freakin happy I am that they sent Moooonique home sooner than later, although there was a flashback to the heinous Darth Jader, and I Never wanted to see that face on the hi-def ever again.
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One Pill Makes You Calmer

Every time I fill my prescriptions, the pharmacist asks me if I have any questions about my medications, and every time I reply "Yes. Why don't we put Prozac in the water like Flouride?"

I'm thinking that it might be time to double up on the meds, though, at least today, when Microsoft Word and I are having a major battle of wills about formatting and how auto-format prints. I don't think it needs to be highlighted, and Word does. This is new on Word's part, since it has never highlighted things like printer's quotes and elipses before.
I've done all the usual things: closed and reopened my program, rebooted my computer, deleted and recreated text, turn auto-formatting off (in any number of locations and permutations) and still... three periods converts to an elipsis and the elipsis prints with a highlight.

All of this is on a POS Dell running POS Windoze. Of course. This shit never happens on a Mac.

This is on top of any number of other aggrevations I am dealing with today: I have had to tell the IT/Web Guy for at least the fifth time that he needs to unlock AND unprotect all the files I send him in order to copy and paste text. But, no. He gets a file and rather than type in the password (7 letters), he sends me an e-mail to complain that even though he put in the password, he still is locked out. DUDE!

Open with password. Unprotect file with password. Done and fucking done. Or, open with password. Open e-mail. Type a whiny complaint to me. Wait for me to respond (same way I always do, "No. I am not going to unlock the file for you and resend it, unlock it your own lazy-ass self.). Rinse and repeat.

Next aggrevation: searching for all the zip codes for every county in every state where the company does business. I can only do 50 searches a day before the server kicks me off and asks me to pay big money for the use of the search engine. Then, I have to cross reference the zip codes because zip codes can cross county lines. Then I have to cross reference the zip codes to the individual offices because catchment areas can overlap. Then I have to go home and drink.

As my people are known to ask: Why is this night different?

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